E-Learning 2: Volunteer Management – The Importance of volunteering

Volunteering is an integral component of any non-profit and charitable organization.shutterstock_146194424- new.jpg Without volunteers’ dedicating their time and talent, many of these organizations simply would not exist. The ‘Volunteer Management‘ e-learning module is designed to help organizations recruit, organize and develop strong and effective volunteers.

This module has of four lessons which cover volunteering and volunteer management:

  1. Volunteer Trends – Lesson one answers the question “why do people volunteer?” It also provides examples of people who’ve volunteered and their own specific reasons for doing so.
  2. Volunteer Recruitment and Development Cycle – Lesson two answers the question “why do we recruit?” and illustrates the guidelines to effective volunteer recruitment.
  3. Volunteer Motivation and Retention – This lesson illustrates peoples’ motivation and introduces the concept of effective succession planning.
  4. Volunteer Mentoring and Skills Development – This lesson outlines the advantages of mentoring and skill/character development.

This e-learning module is an effective way to learn the key elements of managing volunteers within an organization. To learn more and to take the online course, please visit the Building Organizational Capacity Online Courses webpage.


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