Young Rural Change Makers Program

The Rural Ontario Institute has created a Young Rural Change Makers pilot program that invites young adults to develop their community leadership capacity to make a difference in their rural community. This program is open to individuals ages 18-29 that currently reside in rural Ontario.

Up to 30 motivated young adults will be selected by application to join the program. The chosen individuals will participate in a series of developmental training webinars that will foster online connections for a customized, experiential event. This will support them to take action on a challenge/opportunity that they have helped their community to select. Additional personalized coaching will take place, as-needed, either in-person, phone or via email.

The Rural Ontario Institute is hosting free information webinars that provide an overview of the application process and program details. These webinars offer in depth information on how to become a Change Maker or nominate a Change Maker to lead other community members while tackling a high priority issue.

The webinars aim to help you learn more about:

  • How to mobilize action within your community
  • How to build your own network of Change Makers
  • How to earn a certificate in Community Development

The informational webinars will be taking place on:

Register and share with your friends to learn about the program and see if it interests you!

Take advantage of this pilot opportunity to be part of a network of rural change makers across the province! The application deadline is May 22, 2020. Program participant spots are limited so apply early!

Access the application form and learn more about the Young Rural Change Makers program here:



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