Teeny Tiny Summit – Creatively Bringing Communities Together Recap


The second virtual Teeny Tiny Summit that took place on September 23rd, 2020 discussed how communities have been able to promote engagement and activity in alternative formats throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Speakers shared insight on engagement initiatives that their teams have coordinated to provide support to the community and other organizations.

Below are key items and initiatives from each of the speakers and organizations mentioned:

Tom Phillips, Fleming College – Prospects for Growth – How Economies Transform

Visit the link for access to the full slideshow.
  • Economies have transformed over different cycles several times. We are in the beginning of a significant transformation led by technology
  • Recovery will be led by demand and individuals wanting to spend money
  • The economy that will emerge will be different than the pre-COVID era. Our relationships, personal lives and communities will look different. This is an opportunity to grow
  • It will be vital to work with governments to move forward – they should make decisions in conjunction with communities for favourable results

Jim Armstrong, Kawartha Works Community Cooperative

  • Purpose: enable creation, development and management of not-for-profit initiatives of a wide variety
  • Share incorporation for participating projects to be eligible to receive grants – led to sharing resources of funds, volunteers and expertise
  • Active initiatives include Fenelon Forward: community consultations and advocacy, Snowshoe Kawartha: annual winter festival, and more!

Brandy Watson, Barn & Bunkie Retail – Social Media Series

  • Collaborated with other retailers to create seasonal bags (i.e. Easter, Mother’s Day)
  • Use of social media for promotion – Online live stream to display and discuss products “Monday Night Live”– reached outside of local area (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Delivery, porch drop off and shipping options that resulted in increased sales

Matthew Renda – Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. – Pivoting Business Through Partnerships

  • No one expected COVID and they partnered with local organizations such as Ross Memorial Hospital, Lindsay – donated proceeds of every sale to the hospital – $1,500 and Kawartha Conservation – released Kawartha Summer Ale, proceeds of products sold were donated to support community initiatives
  • Also worked with other breweries for tourism and recovery initiative to showcase communities to invite new and returning visitors to explore

Rebecca Mustard, City of Kawartha Lakes

  • Rely on collaboration with other communities on numerous projects
  • Team Kawartha Lakes “ecosystem” – 16 organizations that contribute to business and economic development
  • Working together means that small communities have access to resources and services from lager organizations

Visit the link to access the full slideshow from all Kawartha organizations.

Doug Yeo – Bayfield Agricultural Society – Bayfield Virtual Fair

  • Converted intensive fair to an online format – positive response from sponsors to run a virtual community event
  • Alternative formats – video demonstrations and interviews (balance of homecraft and agricultural), virtual farm visits, drive through foods, youth talent show posted videos on website
  • The importance of measuring and tracking was highlighted to assist in adapting and planning for the future
Visit the link for access to the full slideshow

Teeny Tiny Snapshots

Roundup of several snapshots from across the province of creative initiatives in communities that have helped people stay connected with their businesses and neighbours in challenging times.

To view the webinar recording of the summit Passcode: JLk5Sg.U

We look forward to the The third Teeny Tiny Summit 2020, scheduled for October 28th from 10:30 am until noon. To register, please visit the Teeny Tiny Summit page. The theme of the third session is Resilience and topics will be based on feedback from participants of the first two Teeny Tiny Summit webinars held in 2020.


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