NEW EDITION! Guide to Food and Beverage Manufacturing in Ontario

OMAFRA is pleased to announce that the Guide to Food and Beverage Manufacturing in Ontario has been updated and moved to the website. You will find the new user-friendly book format easy to navigate and find the information from the guide which can lead you to success and therefore continue using/reading the Guide. 

The Guide offers many practical tips and suggestions to help you plan your food and beverage business for success.

Whether you are new to the food industry and starting a new business, or are considering expanding your existing operation, you will find information and easy-to-follow tools and templates to help you on your journey:

  • plan for your food processing business’s start-up and ongoing success
  • navigate the regulatory requirements of starting and operating a food processing business
  • take your product from concept to market
  • set your product’s price
  • find and sell to customers
  • learn about the programs, services and resources that are available to food processing businesses in Ontario

As well as this Guide, OMAFRA has a developed a wide range of publications on a variety of topics that maybe of interest to you and your business. Please feel free to use these publications as you need. To learn more about any of the topics in this guide and other resources for food processing businesses, please visit our website.

The new Guide reflects the advice, knowledge and experience of many successful food sector entrepreneurs and business development experts.

The staff at OMAFRA wish you all the best as you build and grow your food processing business. Whatever your growth, investment or export goals, OMAFRA’s Business Development Branch has staff with the expertise, connections and resources to help your business start, grow and succeed in Ontario’s food processing sector.

For further information contact the Agricultural Information Contact Centre at 1-877-424-1300 or send an email to


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