Staff Profile: Richard Hamilton

What is your role in the Regional Economic Development Branch?

I am the Agriculture and Rural Economic Development Advisor for Oxford and Elgin Counties. I support communities with economic development activities. I partake in projects that assist rural communities with job growth, retention and improving quality of life.

I work with a variety of individuals and organizations including municipalities economic development groups, business organizations and business support organizations.richard-hamilton-3

What initiatives or projects are you currently working on? 

I started this job earlier this year so I am still in the process of networking and connecting with the communities I provide guidance and support to. I am currently helping with the Teeny Tiny Southwest Summit occurring November 15, 2016. This initiative aims to provide the resources and tools required to develop small rural communities I am working on various workshops and training sessions that will help communities improve collaboration efforts, move from data to action, and increase Community Economic Development knowledge.

What do you like most about the work you do?

I’m very impressed by the passion, enthusiasm and care shown by the many staff and volunteers of communities and organizations I have met with over the past several months. So many good people are working hard to make rural Ontario an even better place.

What are your top skills?

I’m logical and creative. I often probe interesting questions  and administer activities that help groups look beyond the status quo.

What is your professional background? How did you become involved with Economic Development?

I have been with the ministry for over 30 years. I started working with 4-H and Junior Farmers and was in Oxford when staff, like myself, became involved in organizational and community development. I worked in the ministry head office for 15 years in communications, and am pleased to be back working with rural communities.

What is the added value that you give OMAFRA clients?

I have a long history of working with rural groups and organizations, and have extensive experience in leadership training, team and organization facilitation, and community development.

How do people contact you?

I look forward to meeting you and can be reached via email at


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