Tourism Industry Groups Now Available in Analyst


In many rural Ontario communities, tourism plays a significant role in the business and employment sectors; we know this via feedback from our clients and in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS) on Analyst-related projects.

With these factors in mind, we continue to adjust Analyst to better meet the needs of our clients. As a result both Regional Tourism Organizations (RTO) and tourism industry pre-generated groups are now available within the tool.

RTOs 1-13 are now available as pre-generated layers and RTO 13 has been broken out into 13a, 13b and 13c to represent the vastness and the uniqueness of the tourism industry across Northern Ontario.

MTCS tourism sub-sectors are also available as pre-generated layers. These sub-sectors are:

  • Accommodations
  • Arts
  • Entertainment and Recreation
  • Food and Beverage
  • Other services
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Travel Services

Tourism as a whole is also available as a single layer containing all of the sub-sectors listed above. It should be noted that these industries are not solely consumed by tourists, but that the tool also satisfies local demand when interpreting the data.


Are you interested in accessing Analyst to understand how tourism-related industries and regional tourism geographies may impact your community?  Click this link for more information on accessing Analyst:

Alternatively, your OMAFRA advisor can help you with simple data requests in Analyst, or help you get access for more complex needs.

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