Agri-Food Energy Cost Savings Initiative – Apply Now! 

 This $10 million Program funded by the Canadian and Ontario governments through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP) is focused on supporting projects that prioritize reducing greenhouse gas emissions by investing in new technology and equipment, as well as building or facility modifications. 


Eligible applicants include Ontario food processors. Applications will be assessed based on merit criteria and project alignment 


You may apply for up to 20 per cent of eligible costs, up to a maximum of $300,000 per project. 

Application deadlines 

  • Applications will be received as of April 27th, 2023 
  • Applications will close June 5th, 2023 

The full Program guide and application materials can be found here at Agri-Food Energy Cost Savings Initiative or by calling 1-877-424-1300. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs is administering the $10 million Agri-Food Energy Cost Savings Initiative under Sustainable CAP.  

Sustainable CAP is a five-year (2023-2028), $3.5-billion investment by federal‐provincial and territorial governments to strengthen competitiveness, innovation, and resiliency of the agriculture, agri‐food and agri‐based products sector. 


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