New Performance Measurement guide for Agriculture & Agri-Food Organizations


A new performance measurement guide has been developed for Agriculture and Agri-Food organizations. The guide takes the reader through a step-by-step process designed to to help organizations develop a performance measurement plan.111

Performance measurement is the ongoing process of collecting, analyzing and reporting results. Performance measurement has a ton of benefits and helps organizations in several different ways. For starters, it helps assess the progress an initiative is making towards a desired outcome or goal. It also helps to foster a culture of continuous improvement within an organization which ultimately leads to more successful initiatives. Finally, measuring performance helps improve efficiency and effectiveness and provide leaders with evidence to communicate success.

While you may have read our previous blog post about another performance measurement guide, these two guides are exclusive of each other and differ in many ways. The OMAFRA Measuring Up! guide was developed specifically for economic development practitioners, whereas the new guide was designed for agri-food and agriculture Organizations. While the performance measurement practices are very similar, there are some key differences in the structure and the capacity of economic development organizations and agriculture and agri-food organizations. The new guide was developed in consultation with key agriculture and agri-food organizations. It was designed with their diverse capacities in mind and addresses the diverse lines of business in these organizations.

If you are interested in training or would like to receive a free copy of the Measuring Up! Guidebook or Performance Measurement: A Guide for Agriculture and Agri-Food organizations, visit the following link to access a request form and select the product relevant to your needs.

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