E-Learning 4: Conflict Management- Minimize and Resolve Conflicts


Conflict is natural; everyone has their own views, values, opinions and ways of expressing conflict.PNGthemselves, which can often result in conflicting ideas. Conflict is also a good thing. Without people questioning certain aspects of scenarios or decisions, it would be very difficult to reach an optimal solution for all parties. The “Conflict Management” e-learning module is designed to help organizations minimize negative conflicts, as well as resolve them as they arise. Conflicts that are not handled properly can be detrimental to an organizations culture, efficiency, and overall success, and learning to deal with them in a professional manner is a crucial component of maintaining an organizations integrity.

This module offers three lessons which highlight different aspects of conflict management:

  1. Causes of Conflict – Common conflicts and the various stages of conflict within an organization.
  2. Strategies to Resolve Conflict – Looks at the ‘Problem Solving Method’, as well as suggested guidelines for resolving conflicts.
  3. Techniques to Reduce Negative Conflict – Tips to help people get along and strategies to prevent conflict from becoming negative.

The strategies and tips learned in this short module (approximately 30 minutes) will help any organization manage internal and external conflicts better. For more information and to complete this module, which is one of four offered, visit the Building Organizational Capacity Online Courses page.


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