4 Steps to Succession Planning: Tips Part 2


Developing a succession plan is easier than you may think. See Part 1 of this series: Succession Planning Tips for Not-for-Profits

4 steps to developing your succession plan:

Fotor0316160451. Develop a Retirement Plan

Begin developing your succession plan long before retirement. Consider the plan development exercise a good investment. Write the need to develop a plan into your organizations’ constitution and bylaws.

2. Create Leadership Opportunities

Begin succession development by creating new positions for leadership experience. For example: Co-Chairs, Assistant Chairs, revolving Chairs.

3. Mentor, Coach and Train

Developing strong leadership takes time. Identify and recommend training not just for emerging leaders, but for the entire board, committee chairs and other volunteers.

4. Orientation Package

Accumulate an orientation package for incoming directors.


Use these tips to make your succession planning less daunting.  Be sure to follow our continuation of this series, where we will overview a checklist for selecting a leader. If you are looking for more information in regards to succession plans or organizational tips, please contact:

Helen Scutt, Agriculture Organization Specialist
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Excerpts from: Charity Village


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