2016 Top 5 Award Winning Innovations


On December 7, 2016, Premier Kathleen Wynne announced  the winners of 10th annual Premier’s Awards for Agri-Innovation Excellence. These awards are presented to individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to innovation in the Ontario agri-food sector. The Premier’s award was given to Dairy Quality Inc., a company that created a mobile app that provides farmers with instant and accurate somatic cell counts.  Using the tool, dairy farmers can identify problems and take action before a cow develops advanced mastitis. That’s good news for cows, consumers and for farmers.

The Minister’s Award was presented to First Shrimp Ontario Ltd., who installed 16 saltwater tanks into a converted  hog barn and have become the first shrimp producers in Ontario.

Finally, the three “leaders in innovation” awards were presented to Vinela
nd Growers’ Cooperative Ltd., Asparagus Farmers of inmageOntario, and Evynn’s Advantage. Vineland Growers’ developed a new blight-resistant pear variety so that Ontarians have access to locally grown pears. Asparagus Farmers of Ontario were presented a “leaders in
innovation” award for developing its own seed business. Finally, Evynn’s Advantage, a business based in Greenwood, developed a whole food liquid diet, made from Ontario vegetables, fruits, grains and yogurt, for individuals who cannot consume solid food.

These awards are an excellent opportunity to celebrate businesses that are helping to create jobs, boost the economy, strengthen communities and support a sustainable environment through innovative ideas and projects .


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