Important Policy Changes to Analyst

Due to the dramatic increase in requests to use Analyst, OMAFRA is changing the way clients access the tool. In the past clients have been able to rollover their licence; sometimes making it difficult to fulfill new requests for access. In addition, the rollover practice limited the client feedback we were able to collect.


Action A: Licence Access Hard Cap

Beginning on March 1 2018, Analyst clients will have a maximum of five months to access the tool for each individual project. Once the five month period has ended, clients will have the opportunity to justify why they need a further extension by completing a short survey. The survey will also ask that the client provide project completion timelines. Regardless of current subscription lengths to Analyst, all clients will be considered equal and as such, these changes will not impact projects until July 2018.

The way OMAFRA is able to continue to provide Analyst at no cost to clients is by providing data as rationale for keeping this service available. Due to the number of surveys not completed by clients, either due to extensions requests, or incomplete data submitted, these changes have become necessary.


Action B: Survey Response Enhancements

Effective March 1, 2018, Analyst clients requesting access for a new project, who have not filled out the feedback survey for a previous project will be denied access until survey data is received, as per the Terms and Agreement. To make it easier for clients to complete the survey and for OMAFRA to submit data on the tool, the survey questions have been reduced to capture only the experience in using the tool and the products produced as a result of using the data.

By making these changes, the aim is to be able to continue to provide the Analyst tool to clients at no cost.


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