Premier’s Award 2017 Winner – Greenbelt Microgreens

Innovation is vital to improving existing products, creating jobs, and growing Ontario’s economy. The Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence recognizes and celebrates the innovation of Ontario producers, processors, agri-food organizations, and rural communities. Greenbelt Microgreens is the recipient of the 2017 Premier’s Award, for their work in growing microgreens year round in the Ontario greenbelt.

Premier's Award 2017 Greenbelt Microgreens

Greenbelt Microgreens has effectively incorporated ecofriendly practices into their growing procedure. Their facility uses a variety of green features, including ceiling curtains to keep warm air in, a glass ceiling that lets excess heat out, and recycling rain water to use for irrigation. They reduce their environmental footprint through solar power and other energy saving activities. Their cutting-edge growing procedure has allowed them to become incredibly efficient. Compared to open field production, Greenbelt Microgreens is 80 times more efficient. Through their innovative approach to growing produce, they have decreased growing time by 30%, and their produce has a 13 day shelf life – the longest shelf life of the industry. Greenbelt Microgreens supplies hundreds of retailers with their fresh produce, and has become the largest grower of microgreens in Canada thanks to their agri-innovation methods.

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