Tips for Completing your Rural Economic Development (RED) Program Application

The Rural Economic Development (RED) program supports projects that stimulate economic growth in Ontario’s rural communities. RED supports activities that create jobs and help open doors to local economic development. The program helps communities:

  • identify their economic strengths
  • be more competitive
  • diversify and grow their local economies.

The program is open and will accept applications until September 28, 2018

Applicants are required to read the program guidelines before completing an application form. The program guidelines provide detailed information on eligible applicants, project types, and costs, as well as the process for submitting an application and the process that will be used to assess the application.

The slide deck below provides helpful tips applicants should consider when completing their application.

These tips are meant to support applicants with the development of a complete application. For more assistance on designing your project, assessing eligibility, and working through the final checks before submission, contact your Agriculture and Rural Economic Development Advisor. For more information on the program including guidelines, applications, and approved projects, please visit

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