Informative Resources for Potential Entrepreneurs in the Food Industry

The Government of Ontario is offering new educational resources to assist and guide those who are interested in starting a food business. These resources are intended to inform potential entrepreneurs about various components of starting and operating a food business, as well as to help them discover whether the food industry is right for them.

Key Components of a Business Plan

The first resource offers information about the key components of a business plan, including operations, finance, human resources, marketing and more. It presents many considerations for each of these key components, allowing readers to generate an accurate and fully-encompassing plan for their future business.

Co-packing your Product

The second resource educates potential entrepreneurs about co-packing, when it is necessary, and how to properly seek a co-packer. It offers several criteria that readers can apply to their own business to decide whether or not co-packing is appropriate for their particular business, and lists some factors to pay attention to when pursuing a co-packer to partner with.

Both resources can be found here, as part of our resources to support the starting, operating and growth of food and beverage manufacturing businesses.


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