Updated Performance measurement resources for agriculture, agri-food and economic development organizations


The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has been delivering performance measurement resources and training to clients since 2011. Since that time, two guidebooks were published:

  • Measuring UP! Performance Measurement for Economic Development
  • Performance Measurement Resources for Agriculture and Agri-Food Organizations

We have combined these two resources into one updated guidebook, enhanced with specific examples where relevant.

A growing number of organizations are using performance measurement to track project activities and outcomes. Laying the groundwork to monitor a project, means that organizations can see when things are working to plan, and when adjustments need to be made.  This is not an approach that prescribes what must be measured; organizations need to develop their own performance measures based on their project plans and situation.

This new guide, provides:

  • A four-stage approach to developing a performance measurement framework.
  • Key terminology is defined to build consistency and clarity
  • Templates for logic model and performance measure
  • Sample indicators/measures and data sources

Click here for more on the new performance measurement resources.


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