Webinar: Exporting Food and Beverages to the United Arab Emirates for Export-ready Ontario Food and Beverage Manufacturers and Sellers

Join OMAFRA in collaboration with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for this complimentary webinar on exporting to the UAE for Ontario’s food and beverage suppliers on January 18th, 2022 at 9:30 am to 10:45 am Toronto time.

Ontario’s food and beverage manufacturers who are export ready or thinking of exporting to the UAE will be introduced to consolidators, importers, prominent retailers, and trade commissioners who are involved in the Middle East market.

The UAE represents a growth area for Ontario food exports. Growing expat populations and fast-paced economic development along with shared interests in trade agreements are driving increased demand for high value food and beverage products.

The UAE is a stable and wealthy country that imports up to 90 per cent of all food consumed and is a major re-export market for other Middle Eastern countries. The cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are international trading hubs.

UAE is a major market for Ontario’s agri-food and beverage companies. With a population of about 10.0 million, UAE is an open economy with a GDP per capita of US$ 43,103.00 in 2019.

Major food items from Ontario companies exported to the region are wheat, colored bean, fresh beef, cereal, baked goods, confectionery, snack food, specialty food and beverages.

This webinar will provide current information about opportunities in the United Arab Emirates in coming months.

Speakers will include: A prominent retail chain in the UAE, a consolidator\exporter and trade commissioners who are engaged in the market.

Food and Beverage manufacturers looking to export to the UAE can register for the webinar here or for more information can contact Kiran.pandey@ontario.ca


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