E-Learning 3: Policies and Procedures – a Link between Vision and Operations

In every organization, regardless of size or sector, there needs to be a certain level of understanding that is common throughout the organization in order for it to function properly and be successful. Successful organizations guide how they operate with effective
policies and procedures. For example, Governance Policies P&P.PNGpertain to the overarching structure, goals, and values of an organization.

“Having everyone on the same page with documented rules and regulations helps an organization stay on track to complete their goals”.

Policies directly contribute to the overall success of any organization. Policies and procedures work together in an organization, as policies are written statements of the rules, and procedures are a set of instructions that provide steps to follow the rules set out by the policy. Policies and procedures help with the consistency of decisions an organization makes, and play a crucial role when it comes to operational actions.

In the “Policies and Procedures” e-learning module, there are five lessons that cover the following topics:

  1. Defining Policies and Procedures – Clarifies what policies and procedures are, and their key differences.
  2. Importance of Policies and Procedures – Shows how policies and procedures can benefit an organization in various ways.
  3. Types of Policies and Procedures – Describes different kinds of organization needs, and the policies and procedures that correspond.
  4. Developing Policies and Procedures – The five-step approach to policies and procedures.
  5. Suggested Formats for Policies and Procedures – The different writing styles and formatting styles to properly display policies and procedures.P&P.PNG

The “Policies and Procedures” module is a great tool to help understand the importance of policies and procedures, and to establish a good base on how to develop them. This module takes about 30 minutes to complete. There are four learning modules available. To complete this module online or one of the other three, please visit Building Organization Capacity Online Courses.


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