Stories That Demonstrate Rural Renaissance


The Rural Ontario Institute has created a Rural Rebound sharing platform that showcases encouraging stories and positive examples drawn from across rural Ontario. This online platform offers case studies about creative solutions from community and non profit organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs. These stories share a common theme of effective leadership and collaboration. The platform is also a source of reliable up-to-date information on local and regional government efforts, funding and grant opportunities, research findings, webinar links and more.

Below are a few great case studies shared on the platform:

The Rural Ontario Institute (ROI) invites you to add momentum to a rural rebound by sharing an inspiring story. ROI is interested in all types of stories whether they are driven by rural citizens, agencies and local government, rural businesses (agri-food and otherwise) or community organizations.

Visit the Rural Rebound platform to read more encouraging stories or to learn how you can submit a story:


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