Teeny Tiny Summit – Creatively Bringing Community Together

Join us for the next Teeny Tiny Summit taking place on Wednesday, September 23rd from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm to hear about creative ways communities have been brought together. For registration and event details, visit the Teeny Tiny Summit page.

Why should I attend Teeny Tiny Summit?

  • Become inspired – learn of relevant examples from a community like yours
  • A breath of fresh air –refresh with new perspective and insight from other small communities
  • Discover – learn about pursuing economic development goals in your community

Session Topics

  • Economic Transformation in Rural Communities – Tom Phillips, Fleming College
  • Creative Collaborations – Fenelon Falls businesses & City of Kawartha Lakes
  • Virtual Summer Fair & More – Bayfield Agricultural Society
  • Teeny Tiny Snapshots – Peek into a collection of photos on the theme of Creatively Bringing Community Together

Why Teeny Tiny Places?

  • Rural Ontario’s vitality comes from the residents of Teeny Tiny Places – where they support agriculture and enjoy a sought-after way of life
  • A multitude of successes – We will share these stories and communicate leading practices that have made a difference in rural communities across Ontario
  • The strength of rural Ontario – a shared belief Teeny Tiny Places have significant benefits to contribute to the success of our province

Teeny Tiny Summits have played an important role in supporting small rural communities’ economic development goals. Visit our previous blog post to read a recap of the first virtual Teeny Tiny Summit webinar from August 12th.

The third virtual Teeny Tiny Summit 2020 is scheduled for October 28th from 10:30 am until noon.  To register please visit the Teeny Tiny Summit page. Topics & speakers for the third session is based on feedback received from participants of the virtual summits


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