Transportation Logistics Learning Available!

Our food industry depends on transportation and logistics. Manufacturing is only one step in a supply chain that requires transportation in, out and through from suppliers to customers. Whether you own a truck fleet or use a third-party, there are costs and best practices that will affect your bottom line and your competitiveness.

Leveraging a return on logistics best practices is learning opportunity. FreightWaves Academy, has a cost-efficient on-boarding and refresher learning tool for industry professionals. These courses are as follows:

Trucking 101
Learn everything you need to know about getting a truck on the road.

Understanding Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
Glimpse inside the important role brokers play in moving freight.

The Basics of Rail Intermodal
Explore how to use multiple modes to move freight.

Unlocking the Complexities of LTL
Break down the complicated networks of the less-than-truckload world.

Fuel Buying: Seven Steps to Incorporate Best Practices Into Your Transportation
Learn the skills you need to save money on fuel.

The Waterfall Theory of Freight
A foundational principle of pricing that will change the way you view the freight rates.

These courses are fee-based, starting at US $395.00 each.

FreightWaves ( is a global provider of global supply chain market intelligence. This free service provides price, demand and capacity data with analysis and news.

Author: Phil Dick, Economic and Business Advisor, OMAFRA


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