E-Learning: Building Organizational Capacity – The Importance of Effective Governance

Screenshot from Board Governance Module

An effective governing body is an essential component to any organization. Despite their importance; they can be quite complicated to understand. The Board Governance learning module is one of four new e-learning modules that focus’ on the important aspects of building an effective organization.

This interactive module covers valuable information that will help establish how a governing body can work for any organization. The Board Governance module is divided into four lessons, which are:

  1. Models of Governance, which explains how a governing body works and its role in an organization.
  2. Introduction to governance documents such as a constitution, policy and procedures.
  3. The importance of the relationship between a board and its stakeholders.
  4. Roles and responsibilities.

To learn more about board governance and to take the e-learning module please visit: http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/rural/elearning/indexdetail1.htm


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