New Lightcast ANALYST Data Run

We’re excited to announce that the platform has successfully installed the new data run! Let’s dive into some of the significant changes you’ll encounter:

Update to NOC 2021 

  • Lightcast’s 2023.1 Canadian data run incorporates the latest version of occupation codes (NOC 2021). NOC 2021 represents a substantive break from previous NOC versions in that the most granular categories are represented by 5-digit codes rather than by 4-digit codes, as with previous releases.

 Census 2021 Update 

  • The 2023.1 release incorporates data from the 2021 Census, which substantially affects our employment estimates. Occupation data in the census was released in the NOC 2021 classification system, and the geographic system in this release has been updated to Standard Geographic Classification (SGC) 2021 to correspond with the census release as well.
  • NAICS/industry reports in the 2023.1 data run have the 2021 census data incorporated but use the 2017 NAICS taxonomy. 2021 taxonomy changes are anticipated in the 2023.2 data run later this year.

How to Request a License

  1. Review the Analyst: Economic Analysis Software page located here
  2. Fill out the EDAR/ Analyst Request Form located here before the 1st of the month you require the license. Reminder: the license is valid for a calendar month
  3. Fill out the terms and conditions, once completed please email it to
  4. Attend our monthly Q & A sessions to meet fellow license users and exchange best practices and tips

For all your Analyst questions, please email


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