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Ontario Downtown Revitalization Community of Practice Sessions

Downtown Revitalization Community of Practice sessions are an excellent opportunity for downtown revitalization Kingston_downtowncoordinators, volunteers and community leaders to network, gain insights into the experiences, successes and challenges communities have faced on their downtown revitalization journey Continue reading Ontario Downtown Revitalization Community of Practice Sessions

Two ways to Explore Value-Added Opportunities

CheeseIn spring of 2015, Regional Economic Development and Business Management Unit of OMAFRA, Harvest Hastings and the Small Business Centre delivered the ‘Starting or Growing your Food Business?‘ two-part series workshop in Stirling. Part one was ‘Exploring Value-Added Opportunities (EVAO)’ and part-two was ‘Market Considerations’. Continue reading Two ways to Explore Value-Added Opportunities

Too Small for Economic Development? 5 Strategies for Teeny Tiny Places.

Hastings downtown streetYou’re a small community in rural Ontario. You have a stable or declining population, no downtown core, no economic development officer and no strong drivers of economic activity. Give up, right? Not so fast…

Economic development is a means to an end goal, which is community well-being. And Teeny Tiny Places can improve community well-being as much as any other place. They simply work on a different scale and with a different toolkit. Continue reading Too Small for Economic Development? 5 Strategies for Teeny Tiny Places.

Ontario Releases First Annual Local Food Report

Ontario has launched its first-ever Local Food Report, which measures the province’s progress in bringing local food to more tables across the provinceLocal Food Report Cover

In 2013, Ontario passed the  Local Food Act, 2013 which aims to increase awareness of local food, nurture local food markets and foster vibrant food-based economies across the province. The Act also commits to an annual report on the province’s local food activities, goals and accomplishments. The first ever Local Food Report highlights some of the actions taken by the province and the agri-food sector to promote and celebrate local food this year, including:

  • Setting food literacy goals to increase the number of Ontarians who know what local foods are available, who know how and where to obtain local foods and who know how to prepare meals made with local food.
  • Providing a tax credit to farmers for making food donations to food banks and student nutrition programs.
  • Piloting  a fundraising initiative that helps the province’s schools to fundraise by selling Ontario-grown fruits and vegetables to families.
  • Distributing more than 800,000 copies of Foodland Ontario’s local food recipe calendar in 2014.

The inaugural report will help the
province track future progress in meeting its local food goals.